Accelerated Reader 2016-2017


At Clarksville Elementary, we are striving to make our students better readers.  Accelerated Reader is one way that we are encouraging reading at our school. Accelerated Reader is a computer based reading program in which students read books on their own reading levels and take computer generated tests when they are finished reading each book. The program is used to motivate independent reading and to improve children’s reading and comprehension skills. Using a combined system of vocabulary level, length of the book, and level of difficulty, the book is assigned a reading level.  Points are awarded when reading tests are successfully completed by the student. A student receives the full point value for 100% and the points decrease as the correct number of questions answered decreases (to a minimum score of 60). Some teachers use the number of points and/or comprehension score (percent accuracy) as part of the Reading grade.




  • All students in the AR program will be “ranked” by the I-Ready program to determine their reading level.
  • Please note: Books are very different from movies.  There is a lot more detail and many situations/events in books that are not put into movies.  If a student watches a movie and tries to take an Accelerated Reader Test, he/she will very likely fail.  The tests ask 10 – 20 very specific questions, so your child must read and comprehend the books in order to pass the tests.  
  • Students may test on books their teacher has used as a “Read-Aloud” in the classroom, but students should also test on books they have read independently.  “Read-Alouds” should not be the only way the students earn points.
  • Students may test in the classroom or the library between 8:45a.m. and 3:35p.m.
  • Students will take tests on their own without adult intervention.
  • AR booklist is also available online at
  • Students must obtain 85% accuracy on test to earn recognition.